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Tokyo Station (“Œ‹ž‰w:Tokyo-eki) is a terminal station that should be called the main entrance to Tokyo.
It is a three-story red brick building with a length of 335 m and a top of 35 m, and it was a fairly large station when it opened 100 years ago.
The number of trains arriving and leaving per day is about 3000 and it is also a representative train station in Japan.
The total floor area of ??Tokyo Station is approximately 180,000 square meters, which is 36 times as large as Tokyo Dome.


The former red brick station building had its interior and roof destroyed in the Second World War air raid.
After that, the reconstruction work made it look different from before.
Restoration work was completed in 2012, and it was restored in a form close to the pre-war form.
The station building at the time of the opening of business, which remains in the current restoration station building, was designated as an important cultural property in 2003.



In Tokyo Station, the station itself is also a tourist attraction.
There are also a lot of monuments, guidance of the attack spot of the prime minister, moving wheel of steam locomotive, etc. in the station yard.


Tokyo Station Gallery
Tokyo Station Gallery, located in the station building, is an art museum that opened in 1988.
It has held exhibitions of various genres since its opening, and there were approximately 2.35 million visitors in 18 years.


Tokyo Station Ichiban-Gai

https: //www.tokyoeki-1

Tokyo Ramen Street

Popular Japanese style ramen.
Tokyo Station Ichiban-Gai has gTokyo Ramen Streeth, which has many famous shops.


Tokyo Character Street

There are many shops dealing with popular characters such as Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Rilakkuma, Precure and Moomin.


Tokyo Station City
Currently, Tokyo Station and the surrounding area are considered as one city, and we are maintaining it as "Tokyo Station City".
There are many sight spots, restaurants, and shops for miscellaneous goods, and you can enjoy for hours.


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From Narita Airport
- Use Narita Express
- Use the limousine bus


From Haneda Airport
- Go to "Monorail Hamamatsucho Station" by the Tokyo Monorail and transfer at "JR Hamamatsucho Station" and use the JR Keihin Tohoku Line or JR Yamanote Line
- Use the limousine bus


From Osaka or Kyoto
- Use the Tokaido Shinkansen



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