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Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN (海遊館:Kaiyukan) is the world's largest aquarium.
It is an aquarium that reproduces nature in the Pacific Rim, with the concept that the earth and life are interactive one life forms.


The aquarium is divided into several areas as follows.
・ Fish passing ・ Aqua gate (tunnel type water tank)
・ Japanese Forest
・ Aleutian Archipelago
・ Montalay Bay
・ Panama Bay
・ Ecuador Rainforest
・ Antarctica
・ Tasman Sea
・ Great Barrier Reef
・ Pacific Ocean
・ Seto Inland Sea
・ Seasonal Exhibit
・ Coast of Chile
・ Cook Strait
・ Japan Deep
・ Deep sea zone
・ Jellyfish
・ Arctic
・ Falkland Islands
・ Maldives Islands


by 大阪・海遊館 Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan



- Osaka Metro Chuo Line "Osaka-kou Station" Exit No. 1 about 5 minutes walk


- Get off at Osaka City Bus "Tempozan Harbor Village" immediately
- Get off at the Nankai bus "Kaiyukan (Tempozan)" immediately
- Get off at Kansai International Airport Limousine Bus "Tempozan (Osaka Aquarium)" immediately



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