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Todaiji Temple (“Œ‘厛:Todai-ji) is a temple of Kegonshu-Daihonzan, which is registered as a World Heritage Site.


A temple that Emperor Shomu built in the Nara period, has "Great Buddha".


It is said that So-kokubunji is the center of Kokubunji built in various parts of Japan.


In addition to buildings such as "Daibutsu-den" and "Nandaimon", many arts and crafts such as "Kenponchakushoku kusha mandara-zu" and "Kengukyo kandaijugo" are designated as National Treasures.


It is a classic sightseeing spot in Nara.


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- Transfer from JR Yamatoji Line / Kintetsu Nara Line "Nara Station" to City Junkan Bus and get off at "Daibutsu-den kasuga Taisha mae" bus stop, 5 minutes walk


- About 20 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara Station



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