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Sendai City (仙台市:Sendai-shi) is the prefectural capital of Miyagi Prefecture and is the largest city in the Tohoku region.
Since it was the territory of the famous Sengoku daimyo "Date Masamune", there are many sightseeing spots related to Date Masamune.
There are also sightseeing spots such as Akiu Otaki Waterfall, which is 55 meters high, and Sendai Toshogu Shrine, which enshrines Tokugawa Ieyasu.


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IntroductionSendai Umino-mori Aquarium (仙台うみの杜水族館:sendai uminomori suizokukan) is a private aquarium located in Sendai City.The aquarium exhibits Japanese and world creatures.There are also dolphin sh...

IntroductionSendai Castle (仙台城:Sendai-jo) is a Japanese castle located on Mt. Aoba in Sendai City. Also known as Aoba Castle, it is designated as a national historic site.The castle was built by the l...

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