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Yasaka Shrine (_:Yasaka-jinja) is Gion's Grand Head Shrine across the country.
In Kyoto, it is called "Gion-san" and is familiar.


Founded is said to have been 656 years and is a historical shrine.
It was one of the twenty-two companies during the Heian period, and was deeply revered by the Imperial court.


It is also famous for the gGion Festivalh, one of the three major festivals in Japan.
The Gion Festival is a festival of Yasaka Shrine, which has a thousand-year tradition.
An epidemic occurred in Japan in 869.
At this time, it was the beginning of the Gion Festival that made 66 festival floats and worshiped the god of Gion and prayed for the elimination of disasters.
Yasaka Shrine has been reported to have cleared the epidemic and is believed to be Shinto Shrines for Avoidance of Bad Luck.


26kyoto-Yasaka Shrine

Maruyama Park, adjacent to the east side of the Yasaka Shrine, is famous as a place famous for cherry blossoms.


From Kawaramachi Station on Hankyu Railway and Gion Shijo Station on Keihan Railway, walk east on the end.
There are also many popular tourist spots in the area, such as Nanzenji Temple, Heian Shrine and Kiyomizudera Temple.


Tourists who walk in front of the Yasaka Shrine are likely to visit the beautiful scarlet Nishirou Gate and make many unplanned visits.



- Get off at Keihan "Gion Shijo Station" and walk about 5 minutes.


- Get off at the Hankyu Train "Kawaramachi Station" and walk about 8 minutes.


- Get off at JR Kyoto Station, about 15 minutes by car.


- Get off at JR Kyoto Station and get off at municipal bus No. 206 "Gion stop".



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