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Kiyomizudera Temple (:Kiyomizu-dera) is a temple of Hossousyu.
It is a temple representing Kyoto, which is registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.


It seems that it was founded in 778.
It is a popular tourist spot which is in line with Kinkakuji and Arashiyama, and many people are visiting all the time.


Speaking of Kiyomizudera Temple, symbolic building "Kiyomizu no butai" is too famous, forgetting to visit the main hall, there are many people taking pictures of Kiyomizu no butai.
Please do not forget to visit the main hall.


yRecommended timez Cherry Blossoms (in early April) Autumn leaves (November to December)



- From JR Kyoto station, get off at Gojozaka bus stop by bus, it is a 10 minutes walk.


- From Hankyu Railway Kawaramachi Station, get off at Kiyomizu-michi bus stop by bus, it is a 10 minutes walk.



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