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Kifune jinja Shrine (MD_: Kifune-jinja) is the Grand Head Shrine of Kifune jinja Shrine, which has more than 400 nationwide.


It is said that it was founded over 1500 years ago.
The first Emperor Jinmu's mother goes on a yellow boat from Osaka Bay to the Yodo River and upstream of the Kamo River, and there is a legend that enshrined the water god in the present location.



Kifune jinja Shrine has been enshrined as a "water god" protecting Kamo-gawa River since ancient times.

Since Murasaki Shikibu prays for her to be reconciliation with her husband and fulfills her, she has become famous as a god of marriage, and many couples are visiting there.


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- Get off at Kyoto bus number 33 "Kibune Bus stop" and walk 5 minutes.


- Get off at Eizan Electric Railway "Kibune-guchi Station" and walk 30 minutes.



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