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The Honenin Temple (–@‘R‰@:Honen-in) is a temple built in 1681.
In the early Kamakura period, the founder of the Jodo sect, "Honen Shonin", along with Anrakubo and Jurembo, was built on thatched hut ruins that were believed to have performed Rokujiraisan (worshipping six times daily).


The inside of the building such as the Main hall is not public, but it will be open to the public in spring and autumn.



It is also a temple known as a famous place for autumn leaves.
It is also famous for Byakusadan-Terrace of White Sand.
There is also the grave of the economist "Kawakami Hajime" and the novelist "Tanizaki Junichiro".


[Recommended time] Lespedeza (early September)


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- At Hankyu Shijo-Kawaramachi Station, transfer to Kyoto municipal bus number 32 and get off at the minamida-cho bus stop, and a 5-minute walk.


- At JR Kyoto Station or Keihan Sanjo Station, transfer to Kyoto municipal bus munber 5 and get off at the Jodo-ji bus stop and walk 10 minutes.



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http://www.honen-in.jp [Japanese]
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