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26kyoto-Heian Jingu Shrine


Heian Jingu Shrine (_{:Heian-jingu) is a shrine dedicated to the 50th emperor "Kanmu Tenno" who has made capital relocation to Kyoto.
The history is new in Kyoto, and was built in 1895 in commemoration of the capital relocation 1100 anniversary to Kyoto.
The oh-torii (big shrine gate) built in Jingu-michi and the beautiful and magnificent shrine attract attention.

26kyoto-Heian Jingu Shrine

oh-torii is a large torii, about 24 meters high and 18 meters wide, about 300 meters south of the oten-mon gate.

The main building is a building that reproduces chodo-in (place where important political affairs and ceremonies were performed) by reducing it to two thirds.
A beautiful Japanese garden, representative of the Meiji era, has been constructed around the main building.


Komei Emperor, the father of Meiji Emperor, is also enshrined in this Heian Shrine.
It is a popular tourist attraction that many tourists visit.


Every October, one of the three major festivals of Kyoto, the gJidaisai festivalh (:Jidaisai) is held.
In addition, Kyoto Takigi-no (sd\) will be held in June.


[Recommended time] Cherry blossom (early April) Iris laevigata (early May) Water lily (May-September) Iris ensata var. Ensata (early June) Lesped (mid September)




- Change to city bus number 5 or 100 or 110 from JR "Kyoto Station" and get off at "Okazaki Park-Art Museum / Heian Jingumae" and walk 5 minutes to the north.


- From Hankyu "Kawaramachi Station", change to city bus number 5 or 46 or 32 and get off at "Okazaki Park-Art Museum / Heian Jingumae" or "Okazaki Park-Rohm Theater Kyoto / Miyako Messe mae" and walk 5 minutes to the north.


- Get off at "Higashiyama Station", Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line, and walk 10 minutes.


- Get off at Keihan oto line "Sanjo Station" or "Jingu marutamachi Station" and walk 15 minutes.



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http://www.heianjingu.or.jp/ [Japanese]
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