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Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 (横浜みなとみらい21:Yokohama Minato Mirai 21) is an area that crosses Nishi Ward and Naka Ward in Yokohama City and faces Yokohama Port.


It is an area where landmarks of Yokohama such as Landmark Tower, Intercontinental Hotel, Cosmo Clock, and Red Brick Warehouse are gathered, making it a representative tourist destination in Yokohama.


Attractions in Minato Mirai 21

Yokohama Landmark Tower


Yokohama Landmark Tower (横浜ランドマークタワー) is a complex that opened in 1993.
The 70-storey building is about 296m tall and is the second tallest skyscraper in Japan. (The tallest building is Osaka's Abeno Harukas.)
Besides shopping and dining, there is also an observation deck and a hotel.



Sky garden


From the 69th floor (273m above ground) Sky Garden(スカイガーデン), you can see Mt. Fuji, Shinjuku and Tokyo Skytree.






Dockyard Garden


Have restored the existing Japan's oldest stone dockyard for commercial ships.
The dock yard has been changed to an open space with a total length of approximately 107m, a height of approximately 10m and a top width of approximately 29m.


Yokohama red brick warehouse


The red brick warehouse (赤レンガ倉庫:Akarenga-soko) is a historic structure used as a bonded warehouse.
It was opened as a cultural and commercial facility in 2002.
There are shops selling Minato Mirai-related goods and restaurants with views of the sea.
In addition, a variety of events are taking place and many tourists visit.


Orbi Yokohama (MARK IS Minatomirai)

An entertainment facility created by a joint project between game console maker SEGA and BBC Earth.
Can feel the great nature with five senses by the image.
In addition to the visual experience, animals are exhibition in the “Animal Studio” and you can touch some animals.


Yokohama Cosmo World


Yokohama Cosmo World (横浜コスモワールド) is an urban three-dimensional amusement park in Minato Mirai.
It is divided into three areas: "Wonder Amuse Zone", "Burano Street Zone" and "Kids Carnival Zone".
Facilities include a roller coaster and a large ferris wheel.


Yokohama Museum of Art


The Yokohama Museum of Art (横浜美術館:Yokohama Bijyutsu-kan) is an art museum that mainly displays modern art and contemporary art.
It is also a large art museum with about 10,000 works of art and over 100,000 art books.
There is also a cafe and restaurant open on site.


Mitsubishi Minato Mirai Technology Center

The Mitsubishi Minato Mirai Technology Center (三菱みなとみらい技術館:Mitsubishi Minato Mirai Gijyutsu-kan) is a museum where you can experience cutting-edge technologies such as aerospace, ocean and environmental energy.


Yokohama World Porters


Yokohama World Porters (横浜ワールドポーターズ) is a facility operated by about 200 shops and restaurants including fashion, interiors and sundries.
A cinema and amusement are also on site.


Cup Noodle Museum Yokohama

Cup Noodle Museum Yokohama (カップヌードルミュージアム 横浜) was established to commemorate Ando Momofuku's 100th Birthday, the founder of Nisshin Foods Co., Ltd.
In the hall, can make only one original cup ramen in the world.
You can also experience the process from kneading the flour to completion in 90 minutes.


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・ Nearest train station
- Yokohama Kosoku Tetsudo Minatomirai Line-Minatomirai Station
- Yokohama Kosoku Tetsudo Minatomirai Line-Shintakashima Station


- Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line-Sakuragicho Station
- Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line-Takashimacho Station


- JR East Negishi Line-Sakuragicho Station


- Yokohama City Bus No.156
- Yokohama City Bus No.163
- Yokohama City bus cruise Bus "Akai Kutsu" No.271
- Yokohama City Bus No.292


- Keihin Express Bus No.141


- Port service "SEA BASS"


- Keihin Ferry Port "Suijyo Bus"


- Keihin Ferry Port "Konai yuran"



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