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Sumadera Temple ({:Suma-dera) is a temple of Shingon-shu.


The beginning of the temple is 886.
Monkyo-shonin moved to the current location the Sho Kannon statue found by the fishermen off the coast of Wada.


Visitors can enjoy flowers and autumn leaves throughout the year, including cherry blossoms and magnolia in spring, water lily in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and sasanqua in winter.


Also, Suma is well known as the place where there was a battle between Genji and Heike.
At the time of the war, Suma-dera is said to have been the strong point of Genji's general "Minamoto no Yoshitsune".
There are many important cultural properties and historical sites of the country involved in the battle between Genji and Heike, such as Taira no Atsumori's burial mound, Atsumori's "Aoba no fue (flute)" and a pine where Yoshitsune sat.


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- Get off at the Kobe municipal bus "Tenjinshita" and walk 12 minutes to the north.


- Get off at JR "Suma Station" and walk 12 minutes to the north.


- Sanyo Train, Hanshin Train, Hankyu Train Get off at "Sumadera Station" and walk 5 minutes to the north.



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