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Taiyo Park

28Himeji-Kokoen Garden


28Himeji-Kokoen Garden

Taiyo Park(‘Ύ—zŒφ‰€) is a park that reproduces famous buildings around the world.

It is divided into a castle area and a stone area.


Castle area

28Himeji-Kokoen Garden

There is a huge Hakucho Castle (Swan Castle) on the top of the mountain.

Hakucho Castle is a 2/3 scale reproduction of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
There are many trick arts in the castle. Here visitors can take interesting pictures.


Stone area

28Himeji-Kokoen Garden

There are "Great Wall (China) with a total length of 2 km", "Terracotta Army (China) restored with the same construction method at that time", "Triumphal arch (France)", "Pyramid (Egypt)" and so on.

The Great Wall reproduces the road width and height in the same size as the real thing.
There are 1000 replicas of Terracotta Army, which is overwhelming.

28Himeji-Kokoen Garden

Visitors can feel as if they are traveling around the world.



by ‘Ύ—zŒφ‰€



Depart from Shinki Bus Terminal gHimeji Stationh
-Take the 35/43 line "Midoridai" and get off at the "Uchikoshi-nishi" or "Uchikoshi-shinden" stop.
-Take the 36 line "Hakucho-dai" and get off at the "Hakucho-dai 3chome" stop.



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