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28Himeji-Kokoen Garden


Kokoen Garden (DÉFKoko-en) is located in Himeji Park,
style of garden that features a path around a pond Japanese garden.
The park was opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Himeji City system (1992).

28Himeji-Kokoen Garden

Kokoen Garden consists of nine Japanese gardens.

Each garden is separated by a wall, and Edo period architecture is reproduced in various places.
For this reason, it is used as a location for historical drama.
Kokoen Garden has the following gardens:
The garden of the Lord's residence, The garden of seedlings, Tea ceremony garden, Flatly landscaped garden, The garden of pine trees, The garden of summer trees, The garden of flowers, The garden with a hill and pond, The garden of bamboo.

28Himeji-Kokoen Garden

Above all, gThe garden of the Lord's residenceh is a garden of style of garden that features a path around a pond and is the largest garden in Kokoen Garden. There are waterfalls and ponds where many carp are swimming.

In gThe garden of summer treesh and gFlatly landscaped gardenh, there is a place where you can see the castle tower and turret of Himeji Castle and it is also a shooting spot.


There is a restaurant in the garden where you can dine while looking at the Japanese garden.


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From JR Himeji Station and Sanyo Himeji Station
-Take a Shinki bus from Himeji Station North Exit Get off at "Otemonmae" bus stop and walk 5 minutes.
-A 20-minute walk from JR Himeji Station and Sanyo Himeji Station.



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