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Himeji Castle (PH: Himeji-jo) , along with Horyuji Temple in Nara, was registered as the first world heritage in Japan.
One of Japan's most famous castles, designated as a national treasure.


The towering Large Castle Tower and the three small Castle Towers, the surrounding walls, are also called egret castles (Shirasagi-jo) because they resemble egret.
Himeji Castle's Castle Tower is one of the 12 existing Castle Towers.


The current Himeji Castle is a castle that Ikeda Terumasa, who became a Harima Province lord in the early Edo period, remodeled Himeji Castle in Toyotomi Era on a large scale.
Ikeda Terumasa is a character called General Saigoku (west country) and Prime Minister Himeji for his achievements in The Battle of Sekigahara.
Since Himeji Castle was built after The Battle of Sekigahara, it avoids the war, and major buildings such as Castle Towers and turrets are still in existence.


When visitors enter Himeji Castle from Otemon, there is a large Third bailey (Sannomaru) square.
In the past, there were three palaces in Third bailey.
Currently, Third bailey Square is famous as a cherry blossom attraction.


Take the road west of Third bailey square towards Castle Towers. There is a tollgate where visitors can enter the toll area.


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Otemon Gate

28himeji-himeji-castle-otemon gate

It is a gate that is the entrance to the current Himeji Castle.

From JR Himeji Station, take Otemae-dori Road, and head straight toward Himeji Castle. At the end there is Otemon gate.


It used to consist of three gates, but it was removed after the Meiji era, and an army facility was created.
The current Otemon gate is a newly built gate in 1938.


Hishi-no-mon Gate

28Himeji-Himeji-Castle-Hishi-no-mon Gate

Hishi-no-mon Gate is a Turret Gate made to defend the entrance of Second bailey (Niomaru).

It is called Hishi-no-mon Gate because Hishi's crest is on the bar at the top of the pillars on both sides.
Hishi-no-mon Gate is the largest gate in Himeji Castle, and its appearance is made in the beautiful architectural style of the Azuchi Momoyama period.


Sangoku-bori Moat

28Himeji-Himeji-Castle-Sangoku-bori Moat

Sangoku-bori Moat is a moat on the right side just after entering the Hishi-no-mon Gate.

A square moat made using the valley between Hime-yama Hill with Main Enclosure and Sagi-yama Hill with West bailey.
It was created between gI-no-mon Gateh and gRu-no-mon Gateh at the entrance of Second bailey, the main defense point.
It seems that it is in this position to make enemy soldiers coming in from the Hishi-no-mon Gate attack on both sides from the two directions of the main road and the side road.


The name of Sangoku-bori Moat is said to have come from hiring construction crew from Harima, Awaji and Bizen.



West bailey

28himeji-himeji-castle-west enclosure

It is bailey to the west of Castle Tower.

It was built to defend the west side of Himeji Castle.
It is now a garden.


Near the place where the south gate was, there is Musha-damari, a designated place for warriors who go to the battlefield.


Musha-damari (a square created near the gate for the gathering of warriors)


Kesho-yagura Turret

28Himeji-Himeji-Castle-Kesho-yagura Turret

Kesho-yagura Turret was built for Princess Sen, the eldest daughter of Tokugawa Hidetada (second general).

It was a resting place for worshiping Otokoyama Tenmangu shrine, which Princess Sen had believed.


Princess Sen married Toyotomi Hideyori, son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but bereavemented in The Summer War in Osaka.
After that, he married Honda Tadatoki, who is the grandson of Honda Tadakatsu, who is one of the Tokugawa Shitenno (Four warlords who had achievements), and spent about 10 years in Himeji Castle.


Hyakken Corridors

28Himeji-Himeji-Castle-Hyakken Corridors

There was a waiting maid who served Princess Sen.

It is reported that Princess Sen worshiped the Otokoyama Tenmangu shrine from this corridor every morning.


Main Enclosure

28Himeji-Himeji-Castle-Main Enclosure

It is the place where Ikeda Terumasa of the lord of a Himeji castle lived in the southern part (Bizen-maru) of the Main Enclosure.

In the old days this square was surrounded by buildings.
There was also a meeting place where the lord of a castle met with customers, but it was destroyed by the fire of 1815.
The present Bizen-maru is an open space where visitors can see the city of Himeji and the distant mountains.


Castle Tower

28Himeji-Himeji-Castle-Castle TowerHimeji Castle's Castle Tower group consists of a large Castle Tower, three small Castle Towers, and four connecting turrets that connect each other.
The large Castle Tower has a five-story exterior, but has a seven-story interior.
The height of the Castle Tower is Hime-yama mountain (45.6 m above sea level), 14.85 m of stone wall, 31.5 m of buildings and 92 m in total.


Ru-no-mon Gate

28Himeji-Himeji-Castle-Ru-no-mon Gate

When visitors enter Second bailey (Niomaru) from Hishi-no-mon Gate, three paths appear.

There is an I-no-mon Gate at the front.
The I-no-mon Gate is not large, but there are many crenels, making it a difficult gate to attack.
On the left is the road to West bailey.
On the right side, you will find the Ru-no-mon Gate, which is made by drilling holes in the stone wall.
It is on the east side of the Hishi-no-mon Gate, but it can not be seen from the area of the Hishi-no-mon Gate.
The enemy who broke through the Hishi-no-mon Gate will head to the small I-no-mon Gate in the front as there is nothing on the east side. At this time, a castle soldier comes out of the Ru-no-mon Gate, and it is possible to attack from behind.
The Ru-no-mon Gate is also a shortcut to Castle Tower.



From JR Himeji Station and Sanyo Himeji Station
-Take a Shinki bus from Himeji Station North Exit Get off at "Otemonmae" bus stop and walk 5 minutes.
-A 20-minute walk from JR Himeji Station and Sanyo Himeji Station.



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