Things to do in Himeji City.



Himeji City (姫路市:Himeji-shi) is a city located in the southwestern part of Hyogo Prefecture.
Himeji City is the second largest city in Hyogo Prefecture after Kobe, and is the central city of the Himeji urban area with about 740,000 people.


The world heritage site Himeji Castle, Shoshazan Engyoji Temple and Nada no kenka-matsuri Festival are famous.
There are other facilities that the family can enjoy, such as Himeji Zoo, Safari Park "Himeji Central Park", and Taiyo Park.


Himeji City is an area where many festivals are held.
The Himeji Yukata Festival (ゆかたまつり:Yukata Matsuri), the Castle Festival (お城まつり:Oshiro Matsuri), and many shrines in the fall have many traditional fall festivals.


Specialty foods include Himeji Oden, Karinto (fried dough cookies), grilled anago, Champon Yaki, Eki soba.


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Things to do in Himeji City

Himeji Castle Shoshazan Engyoji Temple






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