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Tokugawaen Garden (徳川園:Tokugawaen) is a Japanese garden of "Chisen-kaiyu type".
The "Chisen-kaiyu type" garden is a garden where a large pond is built in the center, a path is surrounded around the pond, and small islands and bridges are built in the pond to reproduce scenic spots and other places.


It was built on the site of the residence after the retirement of Owari's second-generation lord, Tokugawa Mitsutomo, who was built in 1695.
In 1931, Tokugawa Yoshitika donated a residence and a garden to Nagoya City.
And, it was opened as Tokugawaen in 1932.
Many buildings were destroyed in World War II, and since then they have become parks.
It was renewed as a Japanese garden in 2004.


It is a garden that you can enjoy through the four seasons, such as fresh green and autumn leaves, peony and Iris.


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- Get off at Subway-Meijo Line "Oozone Station" and walk 15 minutes.
- Get off at "Kuruma Michi Station" on the subway-Sakuradori line and walk 15 minutes.


- Get off at the Tokugawaen Shindeki bus stop on the city bus Kikan 2gou line or Meitetsu bus and walk 3 minutes.


- Get off at Meitetsu Seto Line "Morishita Station" and walk 10 minutes.
- Get off at JR Tokai Chuo Main Line "Oozone Station" and walk 10 minutes.



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