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Nagoya castle (名古屋城:Nagoya-Jo) was the castle where one Owari Tokugawa family of Tokugawa Gosanke was.


Ieyasu Tokugawa built Nagoya Castle as a base for surrounding "Osaka Castle," where Toyotomi's residence is located.
The 9th son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Tokugawa Yoshinao, lived in Nagoya Castle as the first Owari lord.
Nagoya Castle was destroyed during World War II, and many buildings in Nagoya Castle were destroyed.
The current castle tower has been rebuilt.
It is made of reinforced concrete, but its appearance is almost exactly restored.


The symbol of Nagoya Castle is "Gold Shachi" placed on the roof of the castle tower.
"Shachi" is an imaginary animal that has a fish body and a head that is a tiger.


Nagoya Castle had the Honmaru Palace.
The Honmaru Palace was a masterpiece of the castle palace in the modern era.
The Honmaru Palace was destroyed during World War II.
However, since there were historical materials such as the Edo period records, actual measurement maps made in the Showa period, and old photographs, they were restored accurately and released in 2018.


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- From Nagoya Station take the subway Sakuradori Line to Hisayaohdori Station. Then transfer to the Meijo Line subway and get off at "Shi yakusho station" and walk 5 minutes


- Take the City bus Sakae No.13 (Sakae-Yasui cho Nishi) and get off at "Nagoya Jo Seimonmae bus stop"
- Take the City bus Nagoya sightseeing route bus "Me ~ guru" and get off at "Nagoya Jo bus stop"
- Take city bus Kikan 2gou line and get off at "Shi yakusho bus stop" and walk 5 minutes


- Meitetsu Seto Line Get off at Higashi Ote Station and walk 15 minutes



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