Things to do in Nagoya City.


Nagoya City is the prefectural office location of Aichi prefecture, the fourth most populous city.
It is the central city of "Chukyo area" in Chubu and three major metropolitan areas.
Moreover, it is a key point of traffic connecting East Japan and West Japan.


Historically it is the place where Toyotomi Hideyoshi was born. And in the Edo era Owari Tokugawa family, one of the three branches of the Tokugawa family, ruled Nagoya.
Nagoya Castle is a castle of the Owari Tokugawa family.


There are many famous "Nagoya food" in Japan such as "Misokatsu", "chicken wings", "Tenmusu", "Kishimen" and "Hitsumabushi" in Nagoya.


Recently, when ordering coffee at a coffee shop, "Morning service" which can receive free toast or egg is becoming a feature.


by まるはっちゅ〜ぶ(名古屋市)


Things to do in Nagoya City

Nagoya castle Tokugawaen Garden


Nagoya Castle was the home of the Owari Tokugawa family. Nagoya Castle's "Gold Shachi" has long been a symbol of Nagoya.


Tokugawaen is a Japanese garden in Nagoya. It is a garden that can be enjoyed through the four seasons, such as peony, Iris, fresh green leaves andautumnleaves.




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Things to do in Nagoya City - - Guide list

IntroductionNagoya castle (名古屋城:Nagoya-Jo) was the castle where one Owari Tokugawa family of Tokugawa Gosanke was.Ieyasu Tokugawa built Nagoya Castle as a base for surrounding "Osaka Castle," where To...

IntroductionTokugawaen Garden (徳川園:Tokugawaen) is a Japanese garden of "Chisen-kaiyu type".The "Chisen-kaiyu type" garden is a garden where a large pond is built in the center, a path is surrounded ar...

IntroductionNagoya TV Tower (名古屋テレビ塔:Nagoya TV-tou) is the first TV tower completed in Japan in 1954.The TV tower is 180 meters high, and there is a sky deck 90 meters above the ground and a sky balco...

IntroductionOasis 21 (オアシス21:Oashisu Nijui-chi) is a complex of public facilities such as parks and bus terminals, and commercial facilities.Access■Related Web site

IntroductionNagoya City Science Museum (名古屋市科学館:Nagoya-shi kagaku-kan) is a science museum of Nagoya City with the theme "look, touch, check".The planetarium was recognized as the world's largest by G...

IntroductionNagoya Osu Shopping district is (名古屋大須商店街:Nagoya Osu Shoten-gai) one of the representative shopping district of Nagoya City.There are temples and shrines such as Osu Kannon, Kitano Shrine,...

IntroductionAtsuta Jingu Shrine (Atsuta-jingu) is one of the most sacred shrines in Japan.Founded in 113, it is the second shrine after Ise Jingu Shrine, which has revered the Imperial Court and milit...

IntroductionPort of Nagoya Public Aquarium (名古屋港水族館:Nagoya-ko Suizoku-kan) is the largest aquarium in Japan with the largest total floor 公式動画チャンネル名古屋港水族館Access■Related Web sitehttp://www.nagoy...

IntroductionSCMAGLEV and Railway Park (リニア・鉄道館:Rinia Tetsudo-kan) is a museum that exhibits railway-related things.Access■Related Web site

IntroductionThe Nagoya city Agriculture Center (名古屋市農業センター:Nagoya-shi Nogyo Senta) dela farm is a facility that conducts research, guidance, dissemination and enlightenment on agriculture.Access■Relat...

IntroductionShirotori Garden (白鳥庭園:Shirotori-teien) is a Japanese garden of "style of garden that features a path around a pond" in Shiratori まるはっちゅ〜ぶ(名古屋市)Access■Related Web site

IntroductionTsuruma Park (鶴舞公園:Tsuruma-koen) is a famous park for cherry blossoms.Access■Related Web site [Japanese]by City of NagoyaSearch...

IntroductionMeijyo Park (名城公園:Meijo-koen) is a castle ruins park in Nagoya まるはっちゅ〜ぶ(名古屋市)Access■Related Web site [Japanese]by 名城公園フラワープラザSearchUnrelated images and v...

IntroductionMoricoro Park (愛・地球博記念公園/モリコロパーク:Ai-chikyu-haku Kinen-koen/Morikoro-paku) is a city park opened on the site of the 2005 Japan International Exposition.Access■Related Web site

IntroductionHisaya Odori Park (久屋大通公園:Hisaya-Odori-koen) is a park located in Hisaya Odori.Access■Related Web site [Japanese]by City of Nag...

IntroductionHigashiyama Sky Tower (東山スカイタワー:Higashiyama Sukai-tawa) is an observation tower in Higashiyama Park.The tower is shaped like a pencil and is 134 meters above the ground.Because it is on a ...

IntroductionNagoya City Art Museum (名古屋市美術館:Nagoya-shi Bijutsu-kan) is an art museum located in Shirakawa まるはっちゅ〜ぶ(名古屋市)Access■Related Web site

IntroductionToganji Temple (桃巌寺:Togan-ji) was built by Oda Nobunaga's younger brother, Oda Nobuyuki, to memorialize his father, Oda Nobuhide.There is a green Daibutsu here, called the Nagoya Daibutsu....

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